“What is this?” Campaign – Introducing the Y 20 device

After unveiling one of the products of Pouya Fanavaran Yasan Company to introduce it, we decided to launch an exciting campaign called “What is this?” Let’s hold. “What is this?” Campaign The campaign to introduce Yasan’s new product is the Irosan Y 20 model, which has unique and attractive features.

Introducing the new Yasan air purifier and disinfectant

Our goal in holding this campaign was to introduce the new Yasan air purifier and disinfectant, the Irosan Y 20 model. This device is produced with a much smaller size than the existing air purifiers and offers capabilities that attract people’s attention. The first thing that comes to mind in this product is the very suitable size of this device for personal use. As this device can be used in your personal car.

The Irosan Y 20 model is used as a portable device and works continuously for 2 hours with each charge of this device. This device will neutralize, purify and disinfect the pollutants around you with cold plasma technology. This device is best used when you have an unpleasant odor or pollutant in your personal car or small space, such as cigarette smoke, this is where the Irosan Model Y 20 will solve your problem quickly with cold plasma technology. “What is this?” Campaign Designed to introduce this small and efficient device.

During the campaign, the Irosan Model Y 20 was made available to people, and the question they were asked was: “What do you think this is?” In this campaign, we asked people to guess the item inside a box by touching it. The response of the people was very interesting!

Power Bank?
How compact!
Looks like an external hard drive!
It smells like fresh air!
What a style!
Not an electronic part ?!
It looks like air is coming out of it!
Do you have a fan?
Too small, not a box?

The Y 20 device, with its suitable size for transportation, surprises people! Because they expect an air purifier and disinfectant, a device with much larger dimensions than the Y 20. People did not think that a device with these dimensions would have this high performance.

The people present in this campaign welcomed the idea of ​​this device very much:

I can easily take it with me!
Very suitable for inside the car!
I can take him to work with me!
I can take it with me to meetings!

The truth is that the Yasan air purifier and disinfectant, the Irosan Y 20 model, will be very efficient and widely used due to its small size and rechargeability. It can be used anywhere and anytime. If health is a priority for you and you are looking to provide an air purifier that also has disinfection capabilities, this device is a good choice for you.

Take a deep breath with Yasan, everywhere!

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