after sales services

after sales services

What is at the forefront of sales in all industries is a principle, and that is customer orientation and customer satisfaction. This is no exception in the production of air purifiers and disinfectants of Pouya Fanavaran Yasan Company with the brand name of Iroosan AIROSUN.

Everyone is looking to buy a device that knows that if you need services and technical support, this issue can be solved and access to these services is simple. For this purpose, in the Yasan after-sales service unit, while ensuring stable conditions and selling products with quality air purifiers and disinfectants with cold plasma technology, it was ensured that the best after-sales service by the manufacturer (Yasan), directly to The customer community is also well represented.

Iroosan is the brand of products of Pouya Fanavaran Yasan Company in the field of disinfection and air purifiers. Pouya Fanavaran Yasan Company has designed and launched its products under the names of Iroosan Y110, Iroosan Y110New, Iroosan Y300, Iroosan Y160, Iroosan Y60 and Iroosan Y20. These products cover a wide range of applications from home and office to semi-industrial and even rechargeable and portable devices.

Air purifiers and disinfectants under the brand name of Irusan, in different models, suitable for office environments, homes, hospitals, offices, clinics, restaurants and cafes, laboratories, schools, waiting halls for terminals and airports, hotels Indoor tourist centers and centers, sports clubs and places with limited and indoor ventilation are suitable.

Erosan is equipped with various stages of filtration and cold plasma and ultraviolet (UVC) lamp and nanophotocatalytic filter; In simpler terms, Irosan works simultaneously with both conventional methods in the world (passive and active) to purify and disinfect the air.

Irosan devices in models Y300 – Y110 – Y110N – Y160 – Y60 – Y20 with different uses They have a one-year warranty, and all devices will include after-sales service for up to ten years

The warranty conditions of the products are as follows:

This company has provided a special guarantee in order to gain the trust of valuable customers.

The products of this company have a 1-year warranty and in case of any problems, they will be replaced with a “new” sample.

Any problem except:

  • Defects caused by unexpected events.
  • Misuse of the product (outside the user guide)
  • Manipulation of the product by unauthorized persons and service personnel.
  • Corruption, distortion or illegibility of the product serial number
  • Damage during transportation and any damage to the product due to relocation to the customer
  • Errors caused by electrical fluctuations

The company’s products have 10 years of after-sales service.

By presenting the product warranty card, repairing or replacing any of the mentioned parts within the warranty and warranty period in the authorized centers of this company is free of charge.

In order to take full advantage of the benefits of the warranty card, pay attention to the following points:

The cost of filters and transportation is free during the warranty period.

As soon as any problem occurs in the product, call 02157416041 and raise the problem.

Forming defects in the product, the type of parts required is the responsibility of Yasan Company.

During the warranty period according to the announced rules and during the warranty period, service and repair of the product according to the company’s tariff is the responsibility of the esteemed buyer.

It is possible to change the filters every four months by calling the customer.

Filters price:

Filter for Y300 device: in the amount of 70 thousand Tomans

Filter for Y160 device: in the amount of 140 thousand Tomans

Filter for Y60 device: in the amount of

Filter for Y110 device: Amount

Filter for Y110N: Amount

Filter for Y20 device: Amount