Ideal agriculture; reducing poison and fertilizer and increasing yield, with cold plasma

Agriculture as one of the most basic and vital industries of each country, has many considerations in the stages of planting, maintenance, and harvesting. So far, to achieve the highest productivity, we have witnessed various events to improve each of the stages, but we still face challenges such as excessive engagement of products with chemicals (poison, fungicide, and pesticide) and consequently the existing risks for human health and also not receiving the necessary approvals for exports. On the other hand, soil and water in different parts of the country do not have the same and sufficient richness that compensating for this requires the use of fertilizer and other enhancers; Fertilizers are some chemical and impose high costs on farmers during a complete harvest.
Pouya Fanavaran Yesan Company offers PAW , which with its triple function (processing water, soil, and air) can prevent the growth of pests and egg-laying insects and with acceptable disinfection of products during growth and after harvest, it can significantly reduce your need for chemicals and poisons. Also, by increasing the nitrate of running water, it improves the quality of product nutrition and you will noticeably witness an increase in productivity. Cold plasma helps health, better growth, and stability of products through nitrogen and oxygen species reaction with soil, water, and air, and activation of these species.

Key indicators and features:

  • Ability to kill microbes, fungi, and pests in trees and products during growth
  • Soil disinfection and prevention of the growth and reproduction of species that are harmful to products
  • Increasing soil richness by adding nitrate through water and controlling PH
  • Significant increase in product productivity
  • Protecting products after harvest by washing with cold plasma
  • Economical and cost-effective price;
  • Suitable for greenhouses and agricultural lands from 1 to several hectares
  • Without the use of separate consumables
  • Customizable according to the area and volume of products

Technical Specifications:

2 x 2 x 3 meters (Fixed station)
1.5 x 1 x 1 meter (Portable system)

300 kg (Fixed station)
100 kg (Portable system)

Stainless Steel 316

15 to 20 litters per minute

Atmospheric Cold Plasma, Activated Water, Activated Steam

3 years; Service and maintenance every six months at 5% of the sales cost

12 volts with a current of 160 milliamps / 220 volts AC with a current of 1 milliamp1

100 watts

The stated dimensions are suitable for the stated water volume. For applications with less or more water consumption, customization is available.
The portable system is currently considered for ground use, depending on user needs, it can be customized to be lighter.
The possibility of installing a portable system on aerial tools such as quadcopters and drones is also available.


The sun in every greenhouse!

Strawberries, mushrooms, bell peppers, cucumbers, saffron, and many other fruits and medicinal plants are now produce it greenhouses , Greenhouses provide a wide range of what we consume today, so improving the quality of these products will be a special priority. Sunlight is considered one of the factors for plant growth and the closed space of the greenhouse and the indirect sunlight for the mind implies the unnaturalness of these products! Using greenhouse lamps such as LEDs can never replace the sun. Now imagine a sun shining in your greenhouse!
LEP plasma lamps from Pouya Fanavaran Yesan Company, with all the radiation spectra, 400 to 450 nanometers for disinfection and fungicide, 450 to 500 nanometers for sprouting and leafing, 500 to 550 for chlorophyll production, 550 to 600 photosynthesis, and above 600 nanometers for the flowering process, create the closest light to sunlight and can be up to 40% effective in increasing product harvest and quality.

Key indicators and features:

  • Increase in product harvest up to 40%
  • Reduction in product spoilage
  • Disinfection of products and reducing the need for poisons
  • Improving the final quality of products
  • Economical and competitive cost
  • Suitable for all types of greenhouses from 1000 to 10000 square meters
  • Customizable according to the area and volume of products

Technical Specifications:

50 x 50 x 40 cm

10 kg

120 to 1200 nanometers

Cold Plasma, Electromagnetic Discharge

5 years; Service and maintenance every six months at 5% of the sales cost

Power Consumption

The stated dimensions can be customized according to the desired area and volume.
Nearly one kilowatt of power consumption is used to create light.