Coverage and features of air purifier and disinfectant Y 20

If you have a history of using air purifiers, you may feel the lack of such a device in many places and say to yourself, “I would have felt better if there was an air purifier in this environment.” Especially in conditions of coronavirus outbreak, the availability of clean air without viral and microbial contamination is essential. Due to the special circumstances of different people and moving in different places, having a portable and light device that has a rechargeable battery can have a high impact on maintaining personal health. Yasan air purifier model Y 20 has been produced to solve your problem.

  • Application of air purifier model Y 20

Yasan Air Purifier Model Y 20 is produced with much smaller dimensions than any air purifier you can imagine. This device is designed to be easy to use for individual use. The dimensions of this device are the size of a 12 cm modem, but it has all the functionality of an air purifier and can easily be an integral part with you in any place. Bring clean, virus-free air with you everywhere with the Yasan Y 20 air purifier.


  • Y 20 device filtration process

Like other models of Yasan air purifiers, this device uses cold plasma technology to increase the air quality around you. In situations where maintaining social distance during the day may become a problem and in many places it is not possible, the use of Yasan Y 20 air purifier and air purifier, clean and virus-free air is available to you everywhere. puts.

By using Yasan Y 20 air purifier and disinfectant, the process of disinfection and air purification of your environment will be completed, and finally, air free of any pollution, fine dust, suspended particles and unpleasant odor will be provided to you. The efficiency of this device for air purification is higher than 99%.


Yasan Y 20 air purifier and disinfectant is one of the most popular air purifiers that has a beautiful design and a durable and quality body. Utilizing the latest cold plasma technology, this device absorbs pollutants in the ambient air and provides you with healthy and clean air to breathe. Microorganisms, dust, airborne particles, plant pollen, unpleasant odors and smoke in the space will be completely absorbed by this device and disinfected air will be removed from this device.

  • Application of air purifier model Y 20

Yasan Y 20 air purifier and disinfectant is a device that ensures the safety of the air you breathe, while you can have it with you everywhere and use it easily. You can easily charge this device, even connect it to the charger dock in your car and take advantage of the performance of the portable Yasan air purifier, which does its job with the lowest possible production noise. With its dimensions, this device can become a regular companion in any place, perform its duties well and protect you against all kinds of pollutants.

In the event of a defect or failure in a part of the circuit or components of the Yasan Model Y 20 air purifier, a system for warning and automatic shutdown of the device is installed in it, which increases the safety of the device.

Introduction of Yasan Y 20 air purifier in the “What is this?” Campaign

Yasan air purifier model Y 20, for spaces such as houses and residential apartments, offices, hospitals, laboratories, offices and clinics, restaurants and cafes, schools and classrooms, waiting rooms And terminals, hotels and tourist centers and in general places with limited ventilation are suitable. The portability of this device allows the user to enjoy healthy air in time and place and not have to worry about environmental pollution.

Take a deep breath with Yasan, everywhere!

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