Coverage and features of air purifier and disinfectant Y 60

Living in crowded cities, where polluted air is an integral part, puts people’s health at risk, but it’s not just pollutants that reduce air quality, there are other particulate matter in the environment that affect the health of your breathing. Put. Airborne particles are known to be the deadliest types of air pollution. Particles smaller than 10 micrometers in diameter pose a greater risk to human health because they can penetrate the lungs and may even enter the circulatory system, leading to heart attack, lung dysfunction, and heart failure. Heart and exacerbate asthma. Ambient air pollution can lead to short-term and even long-term harmful effects on human health. In addition to these issues, the role of biological pollutants is also colorful. One effective way to protect your health against these environmental pollutants is to use indoor air purifiers. One of the air purifiers of Pouya Fanavaran Yasan Company is the Irosan Y 60 model, which is very suitable for places with limited ventilation.

Yasan air purifiers are produced with a focus on advanced cold plasma technology.


  • Filtering process of Irosan device model Y 60

The Irosan Model Y 60 begins its work by filtering ambient air with H13 nanofilters and advances the process of purifying and disinfecting your ambient air with cold plasma technology; Until the air is completely clean and disinfected and delivered to your environment.

During this process, more than 99% of the microorganisms in the ambient air, including bacteria, viruses and fungi, are killed. Also, the dust in the ambient air will completely absorb and purify the suspended particles, gaseous pollutants and unpleasant odors of the environment. This device purifies and disinfects the air of 20 to 40 square meters of your space in one hour of activity in the environment.

In Airusan model Y 60, it has two sensors of temperature and humidity percentage, and in case of defects or breakdowns in a part of the circuit or components, it has a built-in alarm system and automatic shut-off of the device. In addition, this device allows you to plan for use at different times through the internal timer of the device.



  • Application of Irosan device model Y 60

Air Yusan air purifier and disinfectant model Y 60, can be used in residential homes, clinics and hospitals, work and semi-industrial spaces, bank branches, terminals and waiting rooms, offices, clinics and hospitals, restaurants And cafes and any covered and closed environment will be used up to 40 square meters.

The new generation of air purifiers in the world are produced based on cold plasma technology. Pouya Fanavaran Yasan Company has been able to produce its own air purifiers made in Iran at a price of about one tenth of a similar foreign sample. If it is important for you to take care of your health and the health of those around you, make the use of air purifiers a priority and provide clean, clean and disinfected air to your loved ones. These devices are designed in such a way that they have suitable dimensions and low weight, and it is possible to move them easily for use in different places. In addition, its various colors can be matched with different decors that you want!

The sound produced by the Irosan Y 60 is much lower than you would expect from an air conditioner. Even with a good approximation, it can be said that this device performs the process of air purification and disinfection without noise and will not have noise pollution for use in educational and office environments.

Take a deep breath with Yasan!

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