Coverage and features of Y 160 air purifier and disinfectant

Air pollution, the spread of diseases and airborne particles have caused our respiratory air to be of poor quality. Low ambient air quality has a direct impact on people’s mood and energy. One of the fastest and most effective ways to improve the air quality in your environment is to use air purifiers. In the following, we will get acquainted with the features of Yasan air purifier, Erosan Y 160 model.


Features of Yasan Y 160 air purifiers

In addition to ambient air purifiers, Yasan air purifiers affect all microorganisms in the ambient air. Microorganisms in the ambient air are organisms that cannot be seen with the naked eye. These organisms include bacteria, viruses, germs and some fungi that are suspended in the air around you. Harmful types of these microorganisms can pose a threat to your health and many diseases. As the presence of coronavirus in your environment threatens your health. That is why it is so important to purify the ambient air in which we breathe.


In order to purify the ambient air as well as possible, we can use Yasan air purifiers and air purifiers, Erosan Y 160 model. This device purifies an area of 30 to 85 square meters once every working hour and returns completely purified and clean air to the environment.



  • Application of air purifier Y 160

From Yasan Air Purifier and Air Disinfectant, Yerosan Model Y 160 in public spaces such as metro stations, passenger terminals and airports; Medical facilities such as hospitals, pharmacies, hospitals and laboratories; Production lines of factories, residential apartments, educational centers such as schools, colleges and universities; And all places with limited ventilation can be used.


  • Y 160 device filtration process

Yasan air purifier and disinfectant, Airosan model Y 160, uses its filters to initially trap viruses and air pollutant particles. Next, using cold plasma technology with UVC lamp, it neutralizes pollutants, airborne particles and microorganisms in the environment and completely purifies the air. Unpleasant odor and polluting gases, using This device will be completely removed from the air around you.


Y 160

The possibility of adjusting the fan speed in this device has been installed for you to benefit from its efficiency in accordance with your space, and to be more suitable for your environment, the Irusan Y 160 model has been produced in different colors.

The Irusan Air Purifier Model Y 160 uses a three-stage system for rapid air purification and disinfection using cold plasma technology along with UVC lamps.

  • Air purifier and corona virus

In the peak days of the coronavirus outbreak and in accordance with WHO guidelines on the need to control viruses, using these air purifiers and disinfectants can protect your family, employees and clients against the transmission of the coronavirus. Take more effective action. Ambient air hygiene reduces the risk of transmitting the virus and increases safety in your environment.



  • Performance of Yasan Y 160 air purifier

Yasan air purifier and disinfectant removes contaminants on surfaces by producing negative ions and free radicals. In addition, the power consumption of this device is optimal and quite affordable, and it produces very little noise. To better optimize the power consumption of the device, it is possible to activate different parts of the device separately. This device is designed in such a way that in case of any problem, defect or breakdown, it announces the existing danger and automatically shuts off the device. In addition, it is possible to manage the operating time of the device and plan for it through the built-in timer in this device.

The Y 160 is designed to solve the problem of indoor air quality in a crowded or high-traffic environment and to continuously purify the indoor air of large spaces.

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