A legion of several thousand active oxygen; goodbye to unpleasant smell!

Unpleasant odors in environments such as public restrooms, places like farms and animal slaughterhouses, or prayer halls that host many guests can be highly bothersome. The use of air fresheners in such conditions, in addition to being less effective, requires frequent recharging. Proper ventilation also demands significant electricity consumption to provide powerful airflow and regular maintenance. The LEGiON Plasma Deodorizer, based on cold plasma technology with exceptionally powerful purification and disinfection capabilities, can eliminate even the toughest odors by breaking down the molecular compounds of various VOCs and aromas as the main culprits. Furthermore, it can disinfect various surfaces. The duration of its effectiveness depends on the target environment, ranging from 2 to 4 hours.

Key indicators and features:

  • High Coverage Area up to 200 square meters.
  • Incorporates intelligent dual-discharge design for an extended unit lifespan.
  • of removing various types of VOCs and aromatic compounds.
  • Can be used in containers for transporting proteinaceous materials.
  • Effective in animal slaughterhouses and farm environments.
  • Applicable in public restroom facilities.
  • Equipped with an intelligent temperature protection sensor for automatic device shutdown.

Technical Specifications:


35 x 20 x 18 centimeters


10 kilograms


Metal body with electrostatic paint coating

Sound volume

100 decibels

Coverage Area

Up to 200 square meters


Cold atmospheric plasma, active oxygen

Active Oxygen Output

5 to 10 units per million particles (5-10 ppm)

Power Supply

220 volts AC

Power Consumption

200 watts

Included Items

Power cable, user manual


The operation of this device involves specific instructions detailed in its user manual. Please note that this device is used in environments with odor sources where people are often not present, and the presence of individuals is subject to compliance with the instructions and within the specified time constraints