School is one of the most important parts of every child’s life

School is one of the most colorful parts of every child’s life. Where children learn science together, they develop their social relationships and get to know their talents and interests. The years of dealing with the corona virus are perhaps the strangest and most recent experiences of the new generation of children, experiences that have contradicted the school’s principle of bringing children together as a small community.

These conditions, in addition to the benefits of modernizing the teaching style, were detrimental to the mental health of children (and, of course, parents!). Because in distance learning, the only goal of science education was achieved, which itself was not comparable to the quality of face-to-face education, and other than that, it led children to isolation.

Fortunately, as the rate of Covid-19 vaccination increases, schools are gradually starting to think about starting in-class classes again. But the opening of schools, this time, requires that things be done to ensure the health of children against the coronavirus.

But how can schools guarantee the health of children to attend school and the classroom? What protocols reassure families that their children are safe from the virus? In the continuation of this article, we will deal with it

Why use an air purifier?

According to the World Health Organization (WHO), one of the most effective ways to reduce the transmission of coronavirus is to increase air circulation by leaving open doors and windows open or using air purifiers with HEPA filters. On the other hand, with the cooling of the air and the increase of the inversion phenomenon in big cities such as Tehran, every year in the autumn and winter seasons, we face very high air pollution. Breathing this carcinogenic air is very dangerous for all age groups, especially sensitive groups such as respiratory patients, children and middle-aged people.

Protection against viruses and bacteria

Pouya Fanavaran Yeson Company, since 1398, has focused on the design and production of air purifiers and disinfectants with cold plasma technology. In aerosols, using cold plasma and ultraviolet technology, 99.9% of airborne particles, including viruses (all viruses including Covid-19), bacteria and other pathogenic microbes, are released through ions and radicals. Free air is lost in the shortest possible time (a few minutes).

Protection against air pollution

These devices, with cold plasma technology of volatile organic compounds including particulate matter such as gasoline, fuel oil, car exhaust, cigarette smoke, chemical gases such as insecticides and air fresheners, cleaning products such as acetone, wax And neutralizes and inactivates polishing and other unpleasant gases and harmful gases. In addition to cold plasma technology, aerosols are equipped with several filtration steps (nano and activated carbon filters, including nanoparticle photocatalytic HEPA filters and ultraviolet (UVC) disinfection).

Special sale of Yasan model Y-300 for schools

Airusan air purifier and disinfection device with a cover for a space with an area of 100 to 150 square meters is a very suitable option for classroom space.

On the occasion of the beginning of special sales schools, this device is only priced at 14 million instead of 16 million Tomans

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Also, by purchasing an Irosan Y-300 air purifier and disinfectant, participate in the lottery of one Irosan Y-60 air purifier and disinfectant.

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Air purifier and air disinfection device model Y-300

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Other features of air conditioners

Air conditioners have a high quality in air purification and disinfection. Other features of these devices can be to increase the power of the device and increase the volume of purified and disinfected air per hour (up to 450 cubic meters per hour), upgrade plasma cells and increase the quality of electrical system equipment (relay switcher equipment), use the control panel New with scheduling capability, scheduling capability and fan speed adjustment, warning in case of failure or breakdown in a part of the circuit or components, beautiful design and the ability to choose the color of the products. Air conditioners have a long life of filters (up to 1000 hours), free replacement of filters in the dealership, one year warranty replacement with a new device during the warranty and have 10 years of after-sales service.

Model Y-300

Suitable for space with an area of 100 to 150 square meters

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Model Y-160

Suitable for space with an area of 30 to 85 square meters

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Do these devices also eliminate odors?

How often should the device filter be replaced?

Does this device change the air temperature as well?

No. Air purifiers have no effect on room temperature. You may feel a little cool because of the air purification and breathing fresh air.

What is the power consumption of these devices?