A plasma storage full of healthy fruits!


In today's world, the preservation of fruits is often carried out using traditional methods in fruit storage facilities or regular warehouses, where various disinfectants are used to reduce losses and increase shelf life. However, the persistence of these chemicals in fruits poses significant health risks to consumers.
The SHiELD device, equipped with the latest cold plasma technology developed by Yeson Company, addresses this issue by providing both active and passive purification. It is used for disinfecting the fruit storage environment, sanitizing the surfaces of fruits, and deactivating fungi and bacteria, all without the use of any chemical substances. This device also performs better at lower temperatures, thereby extending the shelf life of fruits in warehouses and cold storage facilities. Additionally, it reduces costs associated with disinfectant chemicals and energy consumption in cold storage.

Key indicators and features:

  • Deactivation of fungi and bacteria
  • No use of chemical substances
  • Acceptance of fruits for export to all countries
  • Increase in the shelf life of fruits
  • Reduction in energy consumption in cold storage
  • Reduction in human resource costs
  • Streamlining the post-harvest processes until transfer to storage
  • A 70% reduction in fruit losses during storage

Technical Specifications:

30 x 30 x 50 centimeters

5 kilograms

Compact plastic and metal

80 decibels

Up to 300 cubic meters

Combination of white, black, and grey

Active and passive atmospheric cold plasma, ionization, passive filtration

0.2 units per million particles (0.2 ppm)

Power cable, user manual

The rate of active oxygen production is based on the latest figures and standards of the FDA (Food and Drug Administration), WHO (World Health Organization), and is in line with human respiratory and food safety requirements. Therefore, considering the limited presence of human resources in these storage areas, the rate of active oxygen output is within permissible limits.