Specialist training and recruitment

Specialist training and recruitment

Pouya Fanavaran Yasan Company started operating in the Science and Technology Park of Iran Scientific and Industrial Research Organization IROST in 1398 and quickly expanded both in the field of quantitative and qualitative development of cold plasma technology and in the field of disinfection and air purifiers. . Moving in the direction of modern cold plasma technologies has always been the focus of the managers of Pouya Fanavaran Yasan Company;

Pouya Fanavaran Yasan Company is registered as a knowledge-based company, and the air disinfection and air purifiers of Iroosan have the approval of the General Directorate of Medical Equipment and a certificate related to nanotechnology from the Special Headquarters for Nanotechnology Development of the Vice President for Science and Technology.

Relying on the knowledge of its technology technologists, Yasan Company takes steps to develop the knowledge of other researchers and scholars in 1400, and in this regard, academics and craftsmen interested in the field of non-thermal plasma (cold plasma) technology can benefit from these trainings. Engage in research and industrial space.

Who are these training courses suitable for ؟

All researchers, academics and craftsmen interested in the field of non-thermal plasma technology (cold plasma) can use the training courses of Pouya Fanavaran Yasan Company located in the Science and Technology Park of the Scientific and Industrial Research Organization.

Who are the instructors of these training courses ؟

Engineer Mohammad Javad Khalaj, Chairman of the Board and Engineer Fereshteh Sadat Tabatabai, Managing Director of Pouya Fanavaran Yasan Technology Foundation with more than fifteen years of experience in managing and producing nanotechnology products to increase the knowledge of technologists, researchers and scholars in this field will be with you.

When will this training course start ؟

Pouya Fanavaran Yasan Company is at your service, academics and craftsmen in this field, in the summer and autumn of this year (1400).

How to inform the beginning of these training courses؟

Dear ones, you can be informed about the start time of these courses through the dynamic website of Yasan Technologists at www.yesontech.co and the social networks Instagram and LinkedIn at @ yesontech.co.

When is the deadline for consulting and registering for this course؟

Dear researchers, scholars and craftsmen, you can finally get in touch with the dynamic collection of Yasan technologists by June 25, 1400 to register for the summer season and until September 16, 1400 to participate in the autumn course.

How to register for these courses؟

Those interested in the fields of cold plasma technology should contact us for advice on participating in these courses and registration by calling 02157416041 ext. 101.