The values of Yeson

Values of Pouya Fanavaran Yasan Company YesOn

Pouya Fanavaran Yasan is a combination of management knowledge and experience in commercializing products based on technology, which has started its activity by designing and producing purification and disinfection devices based on cold plasma technology.

Yasan is motivated to produce advanced equipment with cold plasma technology and to create various applications in various industrial fields including food, agriculture, textile and..

The current activity of Pouya Fanavaran Yasan Company is the selection of the healthcare industry focusing on disinfection and air purifiers equipped with cold plasma technology.

The company started working in the Science and Technology Park of the Scientific and Industrial Research Organization of Iran in 1398 and quickly expanded both in the field of quantitative and qualitative development of cold plasma technology and in the field of disinfection and air purifiers. Moving in the direction of modern cold plasma technologies has always been the focus of the managers of Pouya Fanavaran Yasan Company; The company now has several knowledge-based products. Given that a wide range of organizations and institutions with various fields of work are customers of Pouya Fanavaran Yasan Company, the company’s mission is to quantitatively develop current activities, increase the quality of services, and enter other fields of cold plasma technology in the form of research activities. And development.

Pouya Fanavaran Yasan Company is registered as a knowledge-based company, and Iroosan air disinfection and air purifiers have a certificate of connection with nanotechnology from the Special Headquarters for Nanotechnology Development of the Vice President for Science and Technology.

Specialists familiar with cold plasma technology in Pouya Fanavaran Yasan Company with more than 15 years of experience in the development and commercialization of nanotechnology, have focused on the development of technology in air disinfection and air purifiers.

Cold plasma technology in the Airusan air purifier to purify a wide range of pollutants, including microbiological contaminants, bacterial air pollutants, fungal viruses and spores, fumes and volatile organic compounds, in a wide range of Positions are used to improve air quality.

Introducing the Iroosan brand

Iroosan is the brand of products of Pouya Fanavaran Yasan Company in the field of disinfection and air purifiers. Pouya Fanavaran Yasan Company has designed and launched its products under the names of Iroosan Y110, Iroosan Y110New, Iroosan Y300, Iroosan Y160, Iroosan Y60 and Iroosan Y20. These products cover a wide range of applications from home and office to semi-industrial and even rechargeable and portable devices.

Air purifiers under the brand name Irusan, in different models, suitable for office environments, homes, hospitals, offices, clinics, restaurants and cafes, laboratories, schools, waiting rooms for terminals and airports, hotels Indoor tourist centers and centers, sports clubs and places with limited and indoor ventilation are suitable.

Erosan is equipped with various stages of filtration and cold plasma and ultraviolet (UVC) lamp and nanophotocatalytic filter; In simpler terms, Irosan works simultaneously with both conventional methods in the world (passive and active) to purify and disinfect the air.

Purification in Iroosan is done in 3 stages. Pre-filtration to remove dust; Filtration with activated carbon nanoparticles to eliminate odors and volatile organic matter; Filtration with HEPA nanofilter, which reduces the transfer of fungal spores and molds through the air.

Disinfection in Irosan is performed with cold plasma, ultraviolet and nanophotocatalytic filter. Operation of cold plasma to destroy the structure of the virus and pathogen DNA and RNA and to eliminate them Influenza virus, Corona virus (Covid-19), bacteria, volatile organic compounds (VOC), unpleasant odors; The concentration of ions and free radicals produced in plasma is effectively sufficient to inactivate pollutants in the air and the purification efficiency reaches up to 99%.

Air conditioners have the highest quality air purification and disinfection compared to other similar products and increase the power of the device and increase the volume of purified and disinfected air per hour, upgrade plasma sol and increase the quality of electrical system equipment, use a new control panel with Timing, scheduling and fan speed adjustment, beautiful design and color selection are other features of these products.

The life of the filters used in the air disinfection and air purifiers of Irosan is more than 1000 hours, which can be easily purchased by referring to the sales representative of Yasan products.

These devices have the ability to purify and disinfect the air up to 500 cubic meters per hour based on fan speed and model type. Also the ability to plan for use at different times through the built-in timer; Equipped with a relay switch for greater electrical safety and warning in the event of a fault or failure in a part of the circuit or components.

These devices have a 1-year warranty with replacement and have a 10-year after-sales service.

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