Aromatic purification of the environment with cold plasma technology

 Introduction: Air purification in closed environments is very important due to its higher pollution rate compared to outside air, without most of us being aware of it. Y60 air purifier based on cold plasma and passive filtration is the suitable option proposed by Yeson for bedrooms, kitchens, offices, meeting rooms and other environments up to 40 square meters.
Due to the extraordinary ability of this device to eliminate the unpleasant smell of the environment, you can also use this device in the bathrooms of your home that do not have proper ventilation. Also, the presence of cold incense along with deodorizing essential oil in this device can give you a fragrant environment

Key indicators and features:

  • Eliminate a wide range of viruses, bacteria and allergens
  • Significant reduction of unpleasant smell in the environment such as kitchen and bathroom
  • Impressive and ideal appearance of your office and home environments with various colors
  • Can be used in home bathroom
  • Without the use of chemicals
  • Small and beautiful
  • Equipped with cold steam with special essential oil
  • Can be used to deodorize the environment with the help of cold steam
  • Cold steam with large tank and long operation after each filling

Technical Specifications:



Combination of metal and plastic with leather cover

50 db

 Black, white, dark blue, brown

Active filtration 1, atmospheric cold plasma, active oxygen, passive filtration 2

220 V


Special power cable, cold steam essential oil, cold steam funnel, user manual

1. The active filtration method is based on the destruction of microorganisms in place, in this method, microbial particles are destroyed by the release of active species outside the device.
2. The passive filtration method is based on particle trapping, during which particles are trapped in porous cellulose filters.
3. The rate of active oxygen produced is based on the latest figures of the FDA of the US Food and Drug Administration, and the WHO of the World Health Organization. It is suitable for the human respiratory system and food.