YESON Air Purifier for GYM & Beauty Salons

YESON Air Purifier for GYM & Beauty Salons

population density in closed space and spread of virus

Has it ever occurred to you that in a conference hall or cinema you want to rely on the chair handle and the person next to you did it sooner than you did؟ Feeling of lack of personal space in such spaces such as conference halls, seminars and workshops (workshops)، cinemas and theaters are always there because of the type of arrangement of chairs, forcing people to spend hours، Share parts such as a chair handle or a drink on a chair handle. But you may not have noticed that not just your seat and drink category, but you are also sharing the oxygen of the air you breathe with the people next to you! Now if a person from the end of the row of seats has COVID-۱٫ Influenza or even a cold, he shares several viruses to breathe with the person next to him each time he exhales! In such a space, the absence of a device that regularly purifies the air and replaces it with clean air will certainly cause illness for a large number of attendees.

Air Purification Only Solution:

As we said, any closed space where there is a population density requires a strong device for regular air purification. The World Health Organization (WHO) recommends any closed space where more than ten people are present، Air conditioning should be done every hour to eliminate the risk of COVID-19 and other respiratory diseases. This ventilation in conference halls and cinemas is only possible with the help of air purifiers.

Air purifier

YESON AIR PURIFICATION AND DISINFECTION PRODUCTS ARE PROVIDED WITH DIFFERENT COATING AND FILTERS. But the most suitable device are the Model 300 with coverage of 100 to 150 square meters and the device Y160, with coverage of 60 to 90square meters.

Also, filters for devices nclude the following:

  • Cold plasma filter
  • Photocatalytic nano filter
  • HEPA filter
  • G4 filter
  • This device also eliminates biological pollutants.

Yeson Air Purifier and Disinfection System Model Y-300

  • more than 99Constrictor Percent Effect in Air Refining
  • low power and low noise hot blower technology with ec motor
  • odor remover

Other features of Yeson

Yeson have a high quality in air purification and disinfection. Other features of these devices can be increased the power of the device and increase the volume of purified and disinfected air in hours (up to 50 cubic meters per hour) Upgrade plasma tuberculosis and increase quality ELECTRICAL SYSTEM EQUIPMENT (RELEASE SWITCHER EQUIPMENT), THE USE OF NEW CONTROL PANEL WITH TIMING CAPABILITY, FAN SPEED PLANNING AND ADJUSTMENT CAPABILITY، Alert notification in the event of a defect or failure in a part of the circuit or components, beautiful design and color selection capability of the products were noted. Yeson have a long life of filters (up to 1000 hours), free replacement of filters at the sales representative، One year of replacement guarantee with new device during warranty and have 10 years of after-sales service.

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