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Industrial ambient air purifier , Connecting with the outside environment and working in industrial environments is inevitable because people have to work and earn money in these environments in order to earn their livelihood and meet their needs؛ But the risk of air pollution is higher than anywhere else in industrial environments, and air purification for the industrial environment is a great help for people's health. The importance of addressing this issue to inform people who work in factories and laboratories is enormous.

Why should we use air purifiers for industrial environments؟

In the past, people thought that the use of purifiers was only possible for home environments, but today with the increasing development of tools in factories, the use of air purification of the industrial environment is more than ever felt. Now more than ever the health of the workforce is of paramount importance.

It is estimated that 7 million people worldwide die from air pollution every year, and there is a strong link between the dust of environments, especially industrial and cardiovascular disease and cancer has.

Also, the air of industrial environments should be free of allergens such as pollen and now، With concern about COVID 19 pandemic, the need for clean air has never been so vital. We all want clean products and clean packaging apart from a healthy environment.

In an industrial environment, machines work better if the air is dust-free and have a longer life and therefore require less maintenance.

An industrial air purifier should be installed in any area where dust, smoke and germs may be problematic. Industrial hazardous pollutants, of course, are not limited to the above, but other pollutants such as BTEX and PAH, which are carcinogenic hydrocarbons, are found in abundance in industrial environments؛ Therefore, the use of air purifiers is essential for the industrial environment.

How Industrial Air Purifier Works

In general, most purifiers use filtration to clean ambient air, and industrial air purifiers are no exception. They perform ambient particle screening with the help of ultra-strong filters by separating impurities from air-forming particles.

Known filters in the manufacture of air purification devices for industrial environments can be mentioned as follows.

Also, filters for devices include the following:

  • Activated carbon filters
  • Electrostatic filters
  • Wet filters
  • Dry filters

note: From the weaknesses of dry filters compared to wet filters, it can be noted that their lifespan is low

Introduction of industrial environments for air purification

Now that you have a serious risk of industrial pollutants, it is better to talk about which industrial environments require more intensive use of purifiers.

Some of the most important industrial environments for air purification :

  • Medical
  • Waste recycling
  • plasticization
  • Refinery & petrochemical

What are the advantages of air purifiers for all kinds of industries؟

Surely you can already guess some of the benefits of air purifiers for a variety of industries؛ But to be clearer, we’re going to point out the main benefits of using this device for some industries.

Advantages of air purifier for warehousing and logistics:

  • Satisfaction of customers and suppliers is provided by having a dust-free warehouse.
  • The satisfaction of health inspectors will be obtained if they visit the environment.
  • Workers are happy to work in a clean industrial environment.
  • It helps to reduce energy costs.
  • Dust accumulation on machinery and other sensitive areas is prevented.

Here’s a look at the benefits of air purifiers for the food and food production industries. The cleanliness of this part of the industry plays a large role in the health of the community.

These benefits include:

Environmental hygiene is greatly improved by filtering dust, microorganisms and other air pollutants.

The risk of contamination of the product decreases and « expiration date of these items increases.

The need for cleaning is reduced because a large amount of dust is filtered directly from the air.


In the final section, we are going to investigate the efficiency of Yeson purifier for the industrial environment, the good news is that in Yasan, various purifiers are designed and produced for the general public to use. Among them, we can mention +Y300. The technologies used in this device can be mentioned as follows.

  • Photocatalyst filter
  • UV or ultraviolet lamp
  • Nanofiber filter

It should be noted that the photocatalyst effect uses ultraviolet light to eliminate these external factors and cause strong oxidation, which breaks the bond between bacteria and viruses. Using this device to control indoor pollution, reduce odor, prevent pollution is ideal.

The presence of cold plasma technology also repels the effect of all unknown materials produced from industrial instruments. without emitting harmful gases such as ozone amid their neutralization reactions. Using this device in semi-industrial environments, the rate of elimination of pollution reaches In addition, it is very easy to install.

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