YESON Air Purifier for Schools

yeson air purifier for schools

School is one of the most important parts of every child’s life

Air Disinfection Device for School: School is one of the most prominent parts of any child’s life. Where children learn science together, they develop social relationships and become familiar with their talents and interests. The years of conflict with the coronavirus are perhaps the strangest and most recent experiences of children of the new generation، Experiences that have contradicted the school principle of bringing children together as a small community.

These conditions, apart from the benefits it had to modernize the style of education, for the mental health of children (and of course parents) ! () was harmful. Because in distance learning, the only goal of science education was achieved, which itself was not comparable to the quality of in-person education, and other than that، It pushed children into isolation.

Fortunately, with the increasing speed of COVID-1٫ vaccination, schools are gradually thinking of starting in-person classes again. But opening schools, this time, requires compliance with things that ensure the health of children against the coronavirus.

But how can schools guarantee the health of children to attend school and class? What protocols ensure families that their children are safe from the virus؟ Here we go...Air Disinfection Device for School

Why use an air purifier (air disinfectant for school)؟

According to the World Health Organization (WHO), one of the most effective ways to reduce transmission of coronavirus is، Increased air circulation is through the opening of doors and windows facing the open environment or the use of air purifiers with HEPA filters. On the other hand, with the cooling of the air and the increase in the phenomenon of inversion in large cities such as Tehran, we are faced with very high air pollution every year in the autumn and winter seasons. Breathing in this carcinogenic air is very dangerous for all age groups, especially sensitive ones such as respiratory patients, children and middle-aged people.The use of an air purifier, Yeson, is a beam of two badges.

  • Protection against virus and bacteria
  • Protecting against air pollution

Air purification and disinfection device of the Yeson model with a cover for a space with an area of 100 to 150 square meters is a very good option for classroom space

*** with free shipping and installation ***

Yeson Air Purifier and Disinfection System Model Y-300

  • more than 99 Constrictor Percent Effect in Air Refining
  • low power and low noise hot blower technology with ec motor
  • odor remover
  • Other characteristics of Yeson (air disinfectant device for school)
  • Yeson have a high quality in air purification and disinfection. Other features of these devices can be increased the power of the device and increase the volume of purified and disinfected air in hours (up to ۵۰ cubic meters per hour) Upgrade plasma tuberculosis and increase quality ELECTRICAL SYSTEM EQUIPMENT (RELEASE SWITCHER EQUIPMENT), THE USE OF NEW CONTROL PANEL WITH TIMING CAPABILITY, FAN SPEED PLANNING AND ADJUSTMENT CAPABILITY، Alert notification in the event of a defect or failure in a part of the circuit or components, beautiful design and color selection capability of the products were noted.
  • Yeson have a long life of filters (up to 1000 hours), free replacement of filters at the sales representative، One year of replacement guarantee with new device during warranty and have 10 years of after-sales service.
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