Yeson Innovation Unit

Yeson Innovation Unit

The dynamic knowledge base of Yasan Technologists located in the Science and Technology Park of Iran Scientific and Industrial Research Organization IROST, in the first period of attracting technology developers in its innovation unit, has considered special facilities for those who are interested.

We believe that anyone can create a path for the advancement of their science and knowledge in companies that own nanotechnology platforms.

One of the main missions and services of Danesh Bonyan Pouya Fanavaran Yasan Company is to attract and nurture people interested in the field of technology development based on nano platforms.

Therefore, Yasan Company, with the focus on nurturing and attracting technology developers, has adopted a new method for selecting the people under the title of “technology developer”.

The “Technology Developer Attraction” unit, with the aim of attracting potential people, holds these courses after a fully results-oriented training and written and planned evaluations for the development of a product based on nanotechnology.

Why is it important to work with Yasan Developer Attraction Unit?

– You will get acquainted with Yasan technologies platform;

– Learn how to design the path from idea to product;

– Obtain the necessary information for the industrialization of the prototype;

– Learn the personality skills of a technology developer;

– During the evaluations, you become the developer of Yasan collection absorption technology;

– Develop your knowledge on infrastructure owned by someone else;

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