Zavieh Idea Developers Company

Zavieh Idea Designers Company is an internationally known design studio currently run by Nasser Emami Razavi and Ahmad (Vahid) Tavakoli, with more than two decades of professional experience in the design of home products, medical equipment and packaging industries, as well as Active in the field of architecture and interior design and exhibition equipment at the highest quality level, has the honor of cooperating with the Vice President for Science and Nanotechnology Headquarters and Export Corridor of Iran, to provide design services to knowledge-based companies and various industries in the country. By winning prestigious international awards, it has achieved the position of the top ten Asia-Pacific companies in 2019. Zavieh’s view is that design is more than addressing the appearance and function of the product. Design can be used as a tool to improve the quality of life, user relationships and human physical and mental health, and the responsibility of environmental protection with sustainable design and the importance of paying attention to products designed after the production and use cycle is one of the angular concerns. .

Awards and honors